Thursday, October 3, 2013

Project 1- Top Five

Simple Beauty
In this photo I used macro settings to get the details of the rain drops and vains of the pedals. I  also used black and white because it made the vains of the pedals stand out more.  I choose this photo because it was different than most flower pictures because the angle and with the black and white it gave more of an emotion. I feel like it gives the emotion of simple beauty, because of the detail in the rain drops and the flow of the pedals. 

Holly Macro
In this photo I used macro to zoom in on the rain drops that were hanging down from the rose pedal.  I also cropped the photo to cut out the distractions in the background,  then put clarity to 100, the Hue of yellow to 100, and the saturation of yellow to 100 to get the edge of the pedals to stand out. I choose this photo for my top five because at of the amazing macro detail in the rain drops. 

Rain Drop
In this photo I put clarity to 100 and vibrance to -25. I also put highlights to 50 and hue of yellow to -27.  I choose this photo because I loved how it just forces on one rain drop and just one pedal and the vains of the pedal. 

Red Hot Chili Pepper
In this photo I put saturation of red to 100, and luminance of red to 100. I also set saturation of green to 8 and luminance of green to -48. I choose this photo because I liked how the red popped out and the detail in the green steam stood out. 

Black Scar
In this photo I used macro to get the detail of the black scar on the chili peper and I aslo set darks in lightroom to -19 to also make the black scar to stand out even more. I choose this photo because the scar reminded me of how ever one and everything is different in its own way.  That there is a story behind every cut, bruise, and scar. 

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