Thursday, October 31, 2013

Framing Compositions Project 2

In this project we went on a two field trips to get photos of 8 different compositions, birds eye view, diagonals, rule of thirds, leading lines, filling the frame, frame within a frame, bugs eye view, and close up. I also went to the Skyline to take more photos. For my birds eye view I went to skyline and got in a tree to get the above shot of the leafs and roots of the tree. My diagonal photo was taken on our first field trip to downtown Portland and I rotated this photo to get the dramatic diagonal line. Also for my rule of third I took this photo on my first field trip and change the background colors of the faces.  For my leading lines I took this photo at Washington Park and got on the slide to get the reflection of the slide as well. For my filling the frame I took this at the saturday market. For my frame within a frame I cropped it to cut out the distraction and also made the leaves look brighter. Bugs eye view photo I took this downtown by laying on my back on the side walk to get the bug feeling. For my close up photo I didn't look through the leans and took this at Skyline.


Bugs Eye View

Filling the Frame

Rule of Thirds

Close Up

Frame Within a Frame

Leading Lines

Birds Eye View

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