Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fine Art and Commercial Portraits

Commercial Portrait
I took this photo of Jordan Coleman and Morgan Portlock at Lincoln High School a couple of weeks ago.  I choose this as my commercial portrait because I have chosen to put it in my magazine to show what is in style. 

Fine Art
I choose this as one of my fine art portrait because I like the simpleness of black and white. 

Fine Art Portrait
I took this photo of Morgan Portlock at Lincoln by the track. I wanted to us a simple black backdrop so that it would be more focused on the model. 
Commercial Portrait Magazine
For this magazine I used an old photo from a previous project to make the background have sunflowers.  I did this to show the fun and playfulness of spring. Then by adding text I stated what my magazine was about and what would be in it. I have decide to us this magazine cover as my cover for the magazine project. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Contact Sheet Portraits

I took these photos at Lincoln high school the other day with a couple of friends. My three favorite photos is the one of Morgan Portlock with the sunflowers in the background. I  plan on making this the cover of my magazine. My second favorite photo is the one of Jordan Coleman and Morgan Portlock making a very serious but model like face. My third favorite photo is the one me on the bike holder. My plan for these photos is to include them in my magazine that is about spring fashion.  

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Project 9 Pre-Work

                                                            Fine Art Portraits 
Stephen Sheffield
I really like this photo by Stephen Sheffield because he uses black and white to make the photo look clean cut. I aslo like how he edits the photo to make it so you can't see his face. With the use of motion and smoke it covers his face to make it look mysterious and different.  

Aneta Ivanova
I like Aneta Ivanova's fine art portrait because its so beautiful and different.  I love how it's clean and black and white.  With the layer of the city buildings it makes it a very different kind of portrait.
Commercial Magazine Portrait
Fashion Magazine
I liked this commercial portrait because of the use of color. I like how her blue eyes stand out with the blue title and the red lips and little red text. I also like how it's a plain back drop because it makes you focus on the model.

Elle Magazine
I think this commercial portrait does a great job at using lighting to make her face glow.  The portrait itself looks very intelligent and adult. This is because of the pose the model is making. The text is very bold and still stands out even when the model is infront of the title.

Compare and Contrast 

The difference between fine art portraits and commercial magazine portraits is that commercial portraits are usually more sexy and model like, while fine art portraits are more clean cut and hold many different emotions. They are similar on how they are meant to show beauty and no flaws.