Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fine Art and Commercial Portraits

Commercial Portrait
I took this photo of Jordan Coleman and Morgan Portlock at Lincoln High School a couple of weeks ago.  I choose this as my commercial portrait because I have chosen to put it in my magazine to show what is in style. 

Fine Art
I choose this as one of my fine art portrait because I like the simpleness of black and white. 

Fine Art Portrait
I took this photo of Morgan Portlock at Lincoln by the track. I wanted to us a simple black backdrop so that it would be more focused on the model. 
Commercial Portrait Magazine
For this magazine I used an old photo from a previous project to make the background have sunflowers.  I did this to show the fun and playfulness of spring. Then by adding text I stated what my magazine was about and what would be in it. I have decide to us this magazine cover as my cover for the magazine project. 

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